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Graphics (posters, stickers, etc.)

Run a distro or infoshop? contact us for discounts on bulk orders. Write something awesome and want to see it in print? Yeah, contact us about that too. All prices are on a sliding scale, so choose what’s right for where you’re at. For international orders, contact us so we can calculate the shipping appropriately.

Support Our Drones

Support our brave drones with this 8″×4″ die cut awareness ribbon sticker. Just because warfare is changing, doesn’t mean that our patriotism should waver.


King Ludd!

Here at GCP we are inveterate Luddites. And now we can proclaim it loud and far with this 4″×1″ sticker, and so can you. Be sure to keep in mind the words of Lord Byron:

As the Liberty lads o’er the sea
Bought their freedom, and cheaply, with blood,
So we, boys, we
Will die fighting, or live free,
And down with all kings but King Ludd!

When the web that we weave is complete,
And the shuttle exchanged for the sword,
We will fling the winding-sheet
O’er the despot at our feet,
And dye it deep in the gore he has pour’d.

Though black as his heart its hue,
Since his veins are corrupted to mud,
Yet this is the dew
Which the tree shall renew
Of Liberty, planted by Ludd!



What’s better than looking at a poster about how society looks at us looking at it looking at us… We’ve combined Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon, as popularized by Foucault, with Warhol’s je ne sais quoi just so you can find out. 11″ × 17″ on nice glossy stock.


We’re from Lompton, home of the whine ghetto. Surrounded on three sides by an army base, a prison on the fourth, with a Wallmart in the middle, we’re damn proud to call this town home. Maybe you are too? If so then this 11″×2″ bumper sticker is for you.

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