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Run a distro or infoshop? contact us for discounts on bulk orders. Write something awesome and want to see it in print? Yeah, contact us about that too. All prices are on a sliding scale, so choose what’s right for where you’re at. For international orders, contact us so we can calculate the shipping appropriately.

The Pros #2

The second issue of a kick-ass comic written by our very own Steve Stormoen with art by Jelena Đorđević.

The Pros #1

The first issue of a kick-ass comic written by our very own Steve Stormoen with art by Jelena Đorđević.

The Star

Written by Vikenty Veresaev in 1903, “The Star” is an enigmatic fairytale about revolution, redemption, and the human condition. It is a story about bringing a star down to a land shrouded in darkness; however, it is not a story about light versus darkness, but about the uncomfortable ambiguity and complexity that taking on such roles inherently entails. This haunting tale—now for the first time in English—is full of pregnant resonance, and comes to us via a samizdat printed by the Dutch resistance during World War II.

Three Word Chant

Three Word Chant is a journal for collecting radical thought that aims to expand our discourse and stretch the expectations of our subculture. This first volume is themed “Occupy”, and we think we’ve come up with a pretty unique document: something that balances our wildest dreams and sober realizations about occupy, that holds both our critiques and our love letters, as well as our revealing goofy in-jokes. In selecting the pieces for this journal, we placed a premium on personal stories, about how our lives were shaped and affected by Occupy, and you will not read a single piece about What Occupy Was About or What It All Meant. And you can read it online, right now, right here. Print version is 8.5″×11″, 66 pages, perfect bound.

Theory Head № 1 + Tying Shit Together

Two zines by one of GCP’s very own. The first covers why social theory rocks, and is a totally badass weapon in our eternal—and sacred—struggle against fascism. The second is a short tome on how to tie knots, you know, the kind with string and stuff.

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